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05 March 2012

Museum of Flight

Seattle is the base of Boeing, one of the pioneers of the aviation industry, and the Museum of Flight is located next to Boeing Field, one of the major testing airports servicing Boeing. Apart from documenting and showcasing the history of aviation, the museum also showcases the history of Boeing and includes part of the original offices as part of the museum.

The museum is not as extensive as the Air and Space Museums in DC, but even then one would need more than a day to really do justice to the museum.

There are quite a few highlights of the museum; the hall of heroes documenting aircrafts from all sides in the two world wars, the interior of the previous Air Force 1 (which was rather basic when compared to modern first class) and a Concorde (which was very cramped), a blackbird and the original 737 and 747 models. In addition, a Dreamliner parked next to the car park was an added bonus.

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