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12 February 2007

International Historic Car Racing

Weather on Sunday was not spectacular; but at least I did not commit my self to go to the one sided cricket match. I saw the ad for an International Historic Racing and Car Show a few weeks ago, so I decided to check it out. And I was not disappointed at all.

Together with a number of old classics, including cars that once ruled Le Mans and other famous races around the world, there were bikes and many humbler aged vehicles. And the racing itself was fast and furious, as an accident where a car (I think it was an old Alfa Romeo or Fiat) went somersaulting through a corner proved. And I saw cars race, that I had only heard of (or seen on TV) before: Ford GT 40, one McLaren, Ferraris, Porches, Triumphs and even the famous Aston Martin DB 4. Sadly, I managed to forget my camera at home; but I did take a few pics on the cellphone.

Mavericks, a "gentleman's club" seemed to be a big sponsor; with many cars carrying their logo. This bike however, was just on a different level.

The best part of the whole day, was that spectators could watch the race from the pits, standing next to the pit wall as cars and bikes zoomed past. This alone, was worth the entrance fee. Plus, you could wander around the pit lane, speak to the drivers and mechanics and just see racing cars really, really, up close.

Viagra logo on a big exhaust ... just made me laugh