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13 April 2009

Cassette, Gang of Instrumentals and an Art Auction

After seeing the advertised musical lineup for the Johannesburg Easter Festival (the rebranded Rand Show), I was quite pissed off that I did not bother to check it out earlier. Great bands/Artists such as Karen Zoid, Chris Chameleon, Watershed, Loyiso and Arno Carstens had already played. So Saturday's Rock/Adult Contemporary line-up was very enticing.

The exhibition space is massive and extremely varied - showing everything from mops to houses. One can not only buy a house, but also furnish it, equip it will all the gadgets and electronics that you can think of and everything in between. But the only thing that really grabbed my attention was an art auction (apparently not the only one in the exhibition). While certainly not a Sotheby's or anything really special - there were some amazing painting that were being sold at quite low prices.

It was quite fun to watch, and then I ended up buying a few myself ... although most of the auction was bought up by gallery owners/managers. Talking to them, I learnt that most of the art on display in galleries are bought at auctions and then sold at 100% mark up. On that basis, apparently I had a few good deals. But then, I bought on the basis of that looks nice and nothing else :)

As for the music, Cassette are an amazing band; and Gang of Instrumentals, with the combination of Afro-pop and Rock are really amazing live act. I would like to watch either again.