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10 November 2009

Cape Town's new Departure Terminal

Went through the recently opened departure terminal on Sunday - and it was a great change from the old terminal. Very spacious, and really well designed. There are still some things to be sorted out - like lounges and access notices to the lounges, but overall a really good job!

One complaint about SA airports in general is the continued use of permanent aisle/queue markers. Instead of using temporary markers they insist on installing metal bars all over the place, which are damn inconvinient when you are the only person in the queue.

And one last point - the 15h10 flight on SAA was the big A340 plane, more or less, full capacity. Considering that the Johannesburg-Cape Town flight is the 6th most popular flight in terms of passengers carried in the world, it is not too surprising I suppose. It is a great plane too - a pity that I can't catch it all the time :D