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22 November 2008

Movie: Brideshead Revisted

Set in Britain, between the Great Depression and WW 2, Brideshead Revisited is a very interesting "period" movie, with a somewhat confused purpose. On one hand, it is very much a classic love story, between a man with very humble beginings and the rich daughter of English nobility, but where the couple's differences in religion makes it even more difficult to make it a success. Then there is the seemingly romantic relationship between the gay son and the man. Added to this is a mixture of bad parenting, alcohol abuse and the very obvious gap in wealth.

It is very much an interesting mix of characters, great individual performances and some very intersting dialogue. But over all, the movie does seem to lack a central theme - but maybe that is by design. As the daughter states, "What does Charles Ryder really want?" A question, that is never really answered.

19 November 2008

Movie: Body of Lies

I am not sure what the whole point of the movie was - there is a CIA agent in the middle east, who is very good at what he does; his interfering boss who sometimes does more harm than good and a terrorist cell similar to Al Qaeda. Somewhere in this, there is also th eobligatory love story.

There is lot of things this movie could have done. Instead, it is a slow, meandering walk through nothingness. Yes, the Americans are shown as arrogant, uncaring and selfish - yet the good guys still win! This is not a Syrianna, or even a Bourne type of spectacle and intrigue. It is, in my opinion, utter rubbish.