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30 May 2011

Movie: Thor

I hate 3D movies, and Thor gave a perfect reason why 3D movies are mostly pointless. In the entire movie, apart from the credits, some trailers - the majority of the movie was in 2D. 3D was created mostly in the special effect scenes, but even then, it wasn't anything really immersive, or spectacular.

For a comic book inspired movie, it features surprisingly strong acting performances (it seems the general trend started by the revived Batman franchise is paying off), with a fairly strong storyline. Casting Anthony Hopkins as Thor's father, Odin, was a master stroke - and he does lend some credibility to the "wise old king" role. Likewise, Tom Hiddleston plays a superb Loki, recast from an evil half-brother, to more of a trickster and misguided/under-appreciated/depressed half-brother. I haven't read the comic book, but I enjoyed this particular portrayal of Loki.

Ignoring the 3D, it was a fun movie worth watching - if only there were more 2D screens!