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02 February 2016

Movie: The Hateful Eight

The 8th movie by Quentin Tarantino (I assume he considers Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 to be one movie) does not reach the heights of his 6th and 7th movies - but I didn't expect it too. And while the movie itself does share a common thread in the last few of his movies - revenge and retribution - it is more of a whodunit, than a revenge movie.

Sadly, the movie does not project in the touted Panavision 70 projection; but the snowscapes and the initial chapters are stunning. As can be expected from a Tarantino movie, there is tremendous dialogue - with some great acting performances - especially Jennifer Jason Leigh and Samuel L. Jackson. The story is compelling; and achieves what every good movie should - complete escapism - and the 3 hours go by without much notice.