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08 May 2008

WTF Mother's Day Ads

So it is Mother's Day on Sunday, and like every other "event", especially in an economic downturn, are trying whatever they can to make sure you buy presents (or whatever) in their store.

On the radio yesterday, I heard an ad from "Temptations", a lingerie store, asking you to buy your mother "something special". Sorry, but buying lingerie for your mom?

And over in Sandton City, there is a big stand in the foyer, from a beauty clinic asking you to buy your mum a consultation - so that she can get a wax. The poster, featuring a stylised naked woman, talks about bikini waxes, intimate waxes and some other stuff ...

05 May 2008

Movie: Deathproof

This movie came out last year, while I was in Germany; and I only got round to seeing it this past weekend. It is a Quentin Tarantino movie, filmed in old 70's and 80's style, featuring old American muscle cars, set in the backwater towns of America, in the modern day - about a psyco stuntman who has a thing for killing beautiful women in car crashes.

The psycho, Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russel, is not really developed as a character - but instead each of the women characters are developed in great detail. While, there does not seem to be much of a story - it is a brilliant movie about some really impressive stuntwork (apparently no CGI was involved).

Movie: Shoot 'Em Up

The movie really features three main actors: a mysterious lone ranger (Smith, played by Clive Owen), a lactating prostitute (Donna played my Monica Belluci) and the baddie (Hertz, played by Paul Giamatti). There is also a heavy metal loving new born baby, who is the main attraction for the story.

This movie, while having a storyline, is all about body count - the number of people that get killed, and the manner in which (Smith for the vast majority) they get killed. In fact, trying to keep a count of the number of people killed is the challenge in itself. It is an art movie about people getting killed - thoroughly entertaining and very impressive.