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31 January 2009

Day 1: Johannesburg to Waterval-Boven

The intention was to go further, as close as possible to the borderpost. However, we only finalised the car about 1pm, and then some shopping for the "essentials" turned out to be quite long (but comprehensive). So, overall, we only really left Johannesburg about 2:30pm.

Near Delmas on the N12, we realised that we needed to fill up the tank - but there was no garage in sight. The GPS suggested a truck stop, which ended up being a detour through Delmas - which incidentally uncovered quite a few garages.

Tobias on top of the defender (still packed)

My other travel companions, Petra (left) and Annette (right)

The drive towards Nelspruit is stunning, through the hills and lush countryside. We stopped at a campsite (Elangeni Holiday Resort) just after Waterval-Boven, about 50Km West of Nelspruit - idea was to learn what we have in this hired car. The defender is surprisingly more comfortable than I remember, but it is not an easy vehicle to drive. The campsite is empty (only one other camper) - and even though we are next to the river, no mosquitos yet.

Tomorrow will be a long drive - intention is to go as far north in Mozambique (while remaining by the sea). Not sure if I will have Internet access ... even if it is GPRS like this link ...

30 January 2009

Travelling Again!

So, I have taken my full complement of leave for the past year of working, and am going travelling again! Will be another interesting trip: overland, by 4x4 through Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and the Zambia (final leg will be a flight from Livingstone to Jo'burg). Will also be travelling with some friends (Tobias, those of you that know him) - which is also going to be a new experience :P

Not sure how much blogging will happen during the trip, but expect a lot of backdated posts.

26 January 2009

Durban Beachfront at Night

Spent the weekend in Durban, and I have always enjoyed the beachfront at night. The weather wasn't great but the lights against the dark sky and sea was a great sight (although my cellphone did not do great justice).

Movie: Killshot

I bought the ticket completely blind - expecting an action movie. Instead it was a thriller featuring a semi-retired hitman and what is effectively his last job. Long winded, largely boring and highly predictable. Mickey Rourke is an interesting choice as the American Indian hitman; and the scenery set in the winter of North USA/Canada is beautiful - but as a movie it is a waste of time.