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08 November 2015


Conrad Koch's new one man show was meant to finish off last night - but has been extended by a few shows at the Jo'burg Theatre. The theme is, as it has been for a while with Conrad Koch's shows, South African identity - and it is a lot more than just Chester Missing - although Chester (and his disguises) are definitely the highlights of the show. There is also a human ventriloquism piece at the end, where two audience members are asked to wear some masks and we get an absolutely amazing ventriloquist performance. 

Chester Missing's political commentary, is as ever, biting and current - and there were no boundaries for criticism - from the ANC and the South African government, to the DA, EFF and Agang - there was not much that was left out. Of the puppets, Ronnie the Monster was the weakest link; but a show definitely worth attending.