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I ramble about a number of things - but travel experiences, movies and music feature prominently. See my label cloud for a better idea. All comnments and opinions on this blog are my own, and do not in any way reflect the opinions/position of my employer (past/current/future).

09 December 2016

Úyanga Bold

The Internet is great for stumbling across weird and wonderful music. I came across Úyanga Bold in a live performance of Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight score, where she was billed as the "Epic Mongolian Voice". She has a number of performances across Bandcamp, YouTube or featuring in other artist's spaces. Most of her performances have a mysterious spiritual effect - quite soothing, and her vocal range is most impressive. YouTube playlist

08 December 2016

Robin Williams and Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson has been off late night TV for a while - with his eclectic collection of puppets and some amazing interviews. The double header with Robin Williams is one of his best!