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18 November 2015

Movie: Crimson Peak

M loves horror movies, so she tries to drag me along as soon as there is something interesting.  Guillermo del Toro's latest offering is the model Gothic novel - period setting love story, with a cruel, mysterious underbelly. As a line in the book - this is not a ghost story; but rather a story with ghosts in it. The creepiness comes; not from the ghosts (although, in typical Guillermo del Toro style; they are fantastic creations) - but rather the dilapidated house and the general environment. 

Crimson Peak's plot is wooden and fairly predictable (but then it is an homage to a genre); the dialogue is rather mundane at times - but that can be all overlooked by the sumptuous set and colour contrasts - the bright red clay, seeping out on the white snow in the grey skies of England. Guillermo del Toro's offerings have a lot of style; and this is certainly one of them.