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17 November 2007

Swiss Time

The swiss are known for their punctuality, but my quick trip to Zürich was all about being late. It started with my flight into Zürich, when the plane arrived late (apparently because of snow). The ground crews assured us that we would still manage to get to Zurich on time as there was a strong tail wind - but even the fastest passenger jets in current service would be hard pressed to make up for a 45 minute delay. In the end, I was 30 odd minutes late getting into Zürich, and just missed my train to the hotel, which meant that I ended up being late in meeting up with Oksana (who commented it was my turn for payback anyway :p)

The delays continued - the taxi from my hotel was late, and the flight from Zürich to Amsterdam was late by 20 minutes ... and this time there was definitely no snow around. That said, the trains did run on perfect time ... something that cannot be said about Deutsche Bahn currently.

Why was I in Zürich? I had an interview at IBM Research Labs for a researcher position. It was certainly an interesting experience - a presentation (by me), a round table discussion with at least half a dozen researchers followed by 10 half hour interviews (plus another 30 minute interview before my presentation). It was a very interesting experience - and although I can't judge whether I was spectacular or not, I don't think I embarrassed myself ... which is always a good sign.

A quick comment on Amsterdam's Schipol airport - it is huge - the airfield anyway. We taxied for about 15 minutes between landing and the actual gate, and the terminal building is not small either. Very well decorated too :)

15 November 2007

More Snow

It hasn't really stopped snowing, but very lightly. Regardless, after a night's worth of light snow, the ground was completely covered - although by the time I looked out my window (around 7am), the roads and cycle paths had already been cleared.

I think I understand some of the attraction to snow. Apple may have made white cool, but snow could have been the inspiration.

14 November 2007

First Snow

So the first winter snow fell in Erlangen today. Very light snow to be honest, and except for some open areas like parks, you could not actually see the result.

Snow seems to bring out a lot of excitement, which I find amusing and slightly puzzling to be honest. After all, while snow is something novel, that is hardly the case with most of my German colleagues. It is after all just water :) And the mud and dirt mixed with the snow (as it melts) is hardly pretty. But I will admit - walking through a light snowfall is a lot better than walking through rain ;)

But I think people really long for a "good" snowfall ... not just a few flakes. Then off course the landscape does change dramatically. That, and the prospect of a white Christmas seem to be the real attraction; not snow for itself.

Well, I hear it is snowing (a lot more) in Zurich ... maybe I will experience a good snowfall :)