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02 January 2014

New Year's Eve at V&A Waterfront

It has been a number of years since I spent New Year's Eve at V&A Waterfront, and the even has certainly grown. From the  amphitheatre, the musical acts have now moved to a specially constructed stage on Jetty 1. It means more people can be accommodated, but it makes the music far less intimate - with a wide body of water separating the artists from the crowd.

The highlight event is the fireworks, and this year was spectacular. Some of the fireworks made shapes in the sky - an effect I hadn't seen before. There were some other performers around the V&A - the fire dancer was the most interesting.

31 December 2013

Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition

Located at the Chavonnes Battery Museum in the Clocktower Precinct, the exhibition does a great job tracing the many contributions of Leonardo Da Vinci. There are reproductions of his notebooks, with great details on his amazing anatomical drawings; there are miniature and a few full size models of his many machines - including the tank, his gliders and artillery weapons. There are reproductions of some of his most famous paintings - and a very detailed look at the Mona Lisa.

It's a great, and fairly thorough exhibition on Da Vinci's many accomplishments. It is a touring exhibition, and the scope in itself is unique. The only criticism I have, is that there not enough focus on the other art works and sculptures.

It runs until February 2014, and is highly recommended.

Sidewalk Cafe

It's a strange place to have a cafe - quiet, posh suburb - but the location on the slopes of Table Mountain leads to amazing views outside. It is a cross between hippy and yuppie - the healthy drinks, the quirky design - and the patrons mostly seem to be stylish yuppies. The food is great, and well priced - a great place for lunch really.

29 December 2013


For some reason, I had never been to Franschoek before today. Famous for its food scene, boasting many of South Africa's top restaurant, it is actually not that far from Cape Town - most trips in Gauteng take longer. 

To be honest, there doesn't seem to be much else, other than food. There are some shops off course, but not I did not find it to be a place to go to do stuff. 

The location is very scenic, and Franschoek pass is a very scenic drive - both for the views of Franschoek on one side, and the rocky ravine on the other. The drive and food are rewards enough.

Kalk Bay Harbour

I love the energy at Kalk Bay harbour - it has a great fishing village vibe, and the wheeling and dealing by the fishing folk as they sell their freshly caught fish is great to watch.