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15 June 2016

Westminster Cathedral

I have walked past the cathedral a number of times in my visits to London, but Saturday was my first entry into the cathedral. While the architecture is impressive with regards to scale and th volume of the main hall; it's rather plain and ordinary.

12 June 2016

St Paul's Cathedral

Ever since I did the MIT course on the history of architecture (on edX); I have been interested in the buildings covered in the course. St. Paul's cathedral is the first such building since completing the course; and it is really great to spot some of the course elements. The late afternoon mass was about to start; so the cathedral was largely inaccessible. Inside, it is fairly ornate and far more interesting than Westminster Cathedral.

The Battle of Britain War Monument


It was my first visit to Manchester this past week; and given it was for business I didn't have much time to see the town in general. It's a bit of strange environment - a mix of old and new; that sometimes really work and other time feels out of step with the first world.