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13 May 2010

Counting Crows, Police Escorts and a lot of expensive storage

I was in Boston for EMC World a very big vendor conference. EMC is largely known for its storage solutions, but there are a number of other products and services, notably VMWare and RSA. My engagement with EMC has largely been around RSA, so it was a good opportunity to learn about the other products and services offered by EMC. The big disappointment in my view was the under representation of RSA and VMWare,with a lot more focus on storage and software products.

It is quite interesting to attend an event of this size. The Counting Crows, were the entertainment for the first night,but they were really disappointing. They had no interest and their engagement with the crowd, understandable given that they have already been paid, and thus have no real stake in the performance. Another day, the shuttle bus from the hotel was given a police escort, easing the way through traffic. Being a Boston based company, EMC obviously has some clout in the city.

It was certainly a good experience, and the side discussions and networking certainly helps!

11 May 2010

Newest Toy

My first experience of an Apple Store, was in New York on 14th Street (near Chinatown). It was the day before the US elections in 2004, and the store was revealing their 30" LCD monitors. Since then, I have bought an iPod and a Macbook, in previous trips to the US.

As a retail store, the Apple Store has always facinated me in how much more effecient and engaging the staff are when compared to other retailers. There seems to be a much higher percentage of sales staff to customers, and the sales staff really know about their products.

But what is most interesting, for me, is the whole mobile sales process; and the evloution thereof. When I bought my iPod, (2005 IIRC), the sale took place at a traditional till point, with a traditional receipt. 2 Years later, when I bought my Macbook, the sale took place with a mobile terminal right next to the area where the sale took place (and the salesperson was not too sure on how to take the sale in all cash).

So this long post, is really to gloat about my newest toy - the bottom of the range iPad (no 3G). The mobile terminal has evolved further, featuring an iPhone (or an iPod Touch) with a barcode scanner and a card reader. I had booked my iPad on Sunday, so it was really a collection together with getting an iPad case (the Apple case is better than the other cases I have seen so far) and off course payment. The receipt was emailed to me, so there was absolutely no paperwork.

The iPad is my riskiest tech purchase I think, with no International warranty coverage, and no access to official iPad apps. So, Spirit jailbreak and Cydia it will be. I am also not sure what I really want to do with it (other than surf the web from my bed), but I have been impressed with it as a device so far.

09 May 2010

Blame it on the volcano?

My flight from Frankfurt to Boston was delayed by just over an hour. When the announcement was made in the lounge, the flight was apparently delayed "due to the volcano" - although the German version of the announcement made no such references. And seeing that the flight did take place, just over 90 minutes later; with the flight path directly over Iceland, it raises the question - are all delays for the next while going to be blamed on the volcano?