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17 April 2014

Movie: Saving Mr Banks

A Disney produced movie telling the tale of the tense relationship between Walt Disney and author PL Travers, would obviously be favourable towards the founder of Disney. Mary Poppins is one of the most well known Disney movies, but the author, who based some of the characters on her own family; was not enamoured with either Walt Disney nor its production of Mary Poppins. It's a nice movie - but for me, it was more of a catalyst to learn more about PL Travers and the excellent New Yorker article is perhaps the best of the lot.

13 April 2014

Reading Greek

After years of science and maths studies, I have some familiarity with the Greek alphabet. However, it was not that easy converting that knowledge to reading words in Greek. It was partly because science and maths do not teach the whole alphabet; just selective letters an partly because it is one thing to know the letters; another to string them together phonetically. At the end of our stay in Greece, I was quite good - enough to read signs and names. It felt like an achievement!