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24 August 2009

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Although I had heard of the gardens, I did not know much about it. It is probably most famous for its nesting Black Eagles at the Witpoortjie Falls, close to the source of the Crocodile river. I found out through my hiing book that there is a nice hike inside the park - and it is actually quite a facinating area.

The hike itself is basically uphill and downhill on the one side of the gardens - and covers a lot of ancient geological history - not only of the area but the world at large. The area (which includes all of Johannesburg and most of Tshwane) is one of the oldest geologically speaking - with rocks dating back to almost the formation of the earth. Thus markers along the trail give some facinating insight into the formation of the world as we know it - and together with a display later in the main gardens itself - a history of how gold, platinum and other precious minerals came to be in such abundance in this area of South Africa.

Although it is almost Spring, the landscape was largely very yellow. I suppose it is the general nature of the African savannah - but at least there was some colourful areas in the main gardens.

What is also nice is to have a protected place of nature and greenery in the middle of ever increasing development in Gauteng. Although there will be always pressure given the lack of any buffer zone (this lucky guy has a house right against the boundary of the park) - it is better than nothing; and given the power of Walter Sisulu's name, I doubt the park will be buldozed in the name of development. I just wish there were more of these areas in Gauteng.