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02 March 2008

A New Life

So it has finally come to pass, that I have got myself a job ... it is almost like a fresh start all over again. The internships, while paying jobs (and not bad paying to be honest), were still a lot like university - just a bit more structured. This will be completely different, and it is both exciting and scary.

I have had to move cities also - since the job (for the first 6 odd months at least) will be based in Midrand. Gauteng has been in an interesting experience so far - I have never actually been here during the weekend - all my previous trips have been for conferences, and has been largely curtailed to the conference venues.

I drove through central Jo'burg yesterday and to me, it was a really vibrant and exciting area, and my traveler's instinct was to get out and explore; which I couldn't as I had to be somewhere else . So if nothing else, Jo'burg could end up being quite an interesting place to be; for the next few months at least.