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10 February 2011


Beyond the "Thank You/Dankeschön" and the obligatory "We love you" after the encore, they didn't say a word to the crowd. It didn't matter - Rammstein put on a show, that will be hard to replicate - especially given the constraints of the enclosed Grandwest Arena.

The signature pyrotechnics were amazing - especially when synchronised to the music, as were the props (or props and pyrotechnics blended together). Starting with the iconic "Rammstein" through the classics such as "Du Hast" and "Büch Dich" to the latest hits from "Liebe is Für Alle Da", it was an amazing performance - possibly the best live music concert I have ever been to.

They played most of my favourites; even though they did leave a lot out (given their repertoire, that was always going to happen) - but I did miss Amerika, Engel and Rotter Sand in particular. But the ones they did play - it was well organised, really flowed from one song to another, with the energetic anthems (with the appropriate amount of pyrotechnics) leading to grand finish.

Rammstein has been one of the bands I have always wanted to see; and it was definitely worth the additional expenses of traveling to Cape Town. Congrats to Grandwest also - the venue was super organised, and leaving the parking was a breeze (Carnival City, please take some lessons).