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21 June 2014

Defending the Caveman

Defending the Cave Man has been a hit show in South Africa for 18 years, with Alan Committie performing the show over 800 times. M & I had bought tickets about two years ago, but didn't go as I was out of town on a business trip. For a show that was written in 1991, it manages to stay quite relevant - and Alan's many performances means that the performance itself is very slick. It is surprisingly interactive, and that does lend some level of uniqueness for each performance.

The show is a funny, tongue in cheek set of observations on men, women and their relationships. Ultimately, it proposes that all actions that separate men and women are actually rooted in the past - in caveman behaviour to be specific. Many comedy routines build on the differences between men and women in their act - this is perhaps the finest exponent of that genre.