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07 May 2014

CliffCentral and "new" radio

In a country where Internet access is still quite expensive and exclusive, Gareth Cliff's venture into Internet radio is a bold venture - but one that has made some innovative partnerships. There is a partnership with Tencent's WeChat (rival to What's App etc), a co-broadcast on Comedy Central Africa and now a partnership with MTN to bring this particular Internet Radio station at a more affordable price. The idea of having live auditions to set up new shows on the radio station (beyond the current morning show) also brings about a very different approach to radio; at least in South Africa.

I was not a big fan of the Gareth Cliff show on 5FM, and I have only listened live for a short while (though I have listened longer to some of the podcasts). In a crowded arena with other talk radio stations - such as 702 and Power FM, the competition is fierce; but many of these shows are not focused on the youth market - so perhaps CliffCentral will find its own niche.

In the past few weeks, I have been impressed with Power FM's coverage of politics, and its ability to get the leaders of various political parties to debate and discuss political issues. But I doubt, that even Power FM has managed to get a full hour interview with any politician - and Gareth Cliff's interview with Julius Malema is one of the best open discussions on politics in South African media. 

If the station can continue in that vein - it would be an excellent addition to the South African media space.