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24 January 2016

Movie: The Revenant

Mauled by a bear, shot at (by guns and arrows), riding off a cliff and submerging in a frigid river - nothing seems to be able to kill Hugh Glass. In a set of experiences that would probably have killed most of Marvel's super heroes, it seems that a mortal man did manage to actually survive. 

Much has been written about The Revenant and the movie does deliver on its hype. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance as the survivalist Hugh Glass is amazing; the scenery is jaw dropping (it is difficult to imagine that such wilderness still exists on earth); and while the story is embellished (if compared to Wikipedia's version) - it remains an epic story of survival against all odds. 

Amongst the controversies of this year's Oscar nominations, at least it can be said that this performance and the movie itself are worthy nominees.