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21 September 2010

Import Taxes

A few weeks ago, I bought a T-Shirt from Teefury, costing 9 USD. The shipping was another 9 USD - which combined is still not bad for a T-Shirt (approx R140). I was pleasantly surprised on the speed of the delivery, but not too impressed on the import taxes. For a T-Shirt costing just under R70, the import taxes, including VAT, was just under R55! That is almost a 80% duty, and I don't think this falls under the cheap imports from China category ;)

All said, Teefury is a brilliant concept. 1 unique T-Shirt a day, not to be repeated except for random draw once a month (or so), which is incidentally today. You can't back order, and can only order until the T-Shirts sell out. They have some very interesting designs; so all in all worth the hassle :)