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06 October 2005

Movie: Transporter2

While Transporter 1 (last year or the year before) was a sleeper hit, Transporter2 is very much a big budget production; although a lot of the European roots have been retained.

Quite simply, Transporter 2 is the best action movie I have seen this year. It has awesome car chases, incredible fighting scenes and the story is decent - not as good as Transporter 1, but not bad. And the production in some of the scenes are breath taking. The story revolves around an apparent kidnapping of a young important kid, but its obviously not that - and in many ways; Transporter 2 (and other movies like that) are starting to take on the role that was traditionally held by Mr Bond.

As for highlight scenes - there are some amazing stunts involving cars being in places where they shouldn't be (leaping between buildings), fight scenes in a private jet with no pilot hurtling down into the ocean and off course a Lamborghini Murcielago driven like it should be ... if nothing else, the movie is worthwhile just for that.