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30 March 2016

Movie Lies

Information is Beautiful has a wonderful set of infographics detailing the accuracy of movies to real life - on a scene by scene basis. I have only looked at a few - but it is quite fascinating how some of the movies diverge and how, sometimes, the over the top scenes are not lies (in Wolf of Wall Street off course :))

28 March 2016

The Box Comedy

I have heard a lot of the American stand-up comedy scene and process - comedy clubs that host a number of comedians in one night; all having a few minutes on stage. The established stars come to hone their jokes for the big shows (the ones that are for 60 - 90 minutes), while others come to try establish themselves. It's meant to be experimental; edgy and a whole lot of variety.

My experiences of this set-up has so far been quite disappointing. My one experience in New York was disappointing (that was more due to my poor choice of venue I think); and venues in South Africa (such as Parker's) tend to cater towards more established comedians on most evenings. I have been meaning to go to The Box Comedy show, at the PopArt Theatre in Maboneng, for a while now - but it's Sunday evening shows are impractical towards waking up early for Monday morning. Last night was my first experience - and the first for most in the absolutely packed room - and the format is much closer to the American stand-up comedy scene than I expected.

The line up was mixed - young comedians just starting out (the youngest, Panch Gasela was 16); to the established star in Kagiso Lediga; together with a one joke cameo by Loyiso Gola; and a longer, unscheduled set by SA Got Talent host Tats Nkonzo; and a superb host in Mpho Popps. The jokes were varied - and yes, some fell flat - and some of it was definitely experimental. 

Overall, it was great - one of the best comedy shows I have attended actually; and the best R50 I have spent in a long time. The Sunday evening shows may be impractical for every weekend, but perhaps next time I have a late Monday start, it would be a great way to spend Sunday evening.