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29 June 2007

Lion's Head

The weather has been great recently, so I decided not to waste it staying indoors, and walk up Lion's Head. And, convincing Hans-Peter was not too difficult either! I really love Lion's Head - it is relatively easy to walk up, and has some of the best views of Cape Town. It was also a great opportunity to have more fun with the DSLR. (photos have been resized ... don't have the patience to upload 3MB+ pics)

There has been a lot of rain, so there were a number of streams on the mountain. The aim was to capture "frozen" water droplets from one of the small water falls ... worked out, but could have been better.

Table Mountain from the top.

Devil's Peak from the top.

Trying out the long range telescopic shots ... there seemed to be some oil rig mooreed in the harbour.

It has been cold recently - snow in Africa :p

A bird eating something.

Hans-Peter charging down the mountain!

27 June 2007

Working Life: Differences between Google and Microsoft

I came across this article via Slashdot. It is primarily crafted at trying to improve working life inside Microsoft, but some of the insights are quite interesting.

The free food and clothes is well known, but the idea that there is no real career advancement is interesting. After all, is there a need for defined career advancement? Surely, the fact that you get paid better for being a better employee is equivalent? After all aren't titles meaningless without the associated salary increases? Maybe I am missing something - after all I have no corporate experience!

Movie: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Horrible plot, horrible acting, horrible script. And, an utterly, mind numbing, stupid ending. Good CGI though. An utter waste of time, otherwise ... why do they keep making stupid movies?