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23 April 2011

17 April 2011

Skyway Trails

Just outside Hazyview, Skyway trails offer about 2 hours worth of fun, zipping down the hillside towards the Sabie river. It is not as unique a setting as Tsitsikama, and I think it misses an ideal opportunity to one-up Tsitsikama - starting higher up the hill and then going across the Sabie river. Nevertheless, there is some beautiful scenery coupled with some really nice long ziplines.

Skyway trails is also a perfect example of how eco-tourism ventures can work successfully. The trails are located on a wide piece of land owned by the local community, and all the guides are from the community. During busy days (such as weekends) there are upto 10 trips a day, but on slower days such as the day we went, there are only two trips (morning and after lunch), thus a bit of planning may be needed to make the most use of the day.