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03 September 2011

Interesting Challenge

Former F1 driver (and now commentator), David Coulthard is going to race against PS3 drivers of Gran Turismo 5. What makes this race interesting - Coulthard will drive a real car (Mercedes SLS AMG) on a real track, while the PS3 drivers will drive the same track, but virtually, using the virtual version of the car. To make it more honest, no one will be able to drive the track before the actual event.

It is an interesting concept, and would raise the interesting question - should there be someone faster than Coulthard, would they give him/her a remote control version of the SLS AMG to race to see whether the physics translate correctly?

The Telegraph will stream it live - hopefully there will be a downloadable version available.

30 August 2011

Movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

After the previous movies in this series, I was originally not too keen to watch this movie, but M was, so I went along. While the previous movies explored the world where the Apes had superseded humans in evolution to start running Earth, this movie explores how it got there in the first place. Like many Science Fiction "disaster" movies, it starts off with a well meaning scientist who invents a virulent drug, and things go wrong.

While John Lithgow plays an old man slowly wasting away with Alzheimer's, the real star of the movie is Andy Serkins as Caesar, the chimpanzee. While his performance as Gollum was sublime, I think this role was even better, and the high production values and the attention to detail certainly helps the movie a great deal. In fact the general "acting" of the apes was superior to that of the humans for most of the movie, perhaps signaling the message :) I am certainly glad that I went to see it, and it is a much more enjoyable movie when compared to its predecessors.