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09 June 2007

Music: Ashtray Electric and The Dirty Skirts

A bit of a "Indie Brit Rock" night, last night at the Armchair Theatre. Despite the bad weather outside (the usual cold and wet winter's day in the Mother City), the Armchair Theatre was packed! The Dirty Skirts commented that it was the first time they had to turn people away - maybe - but there still too many people - unsafe even. In fact, if something bad did happen, there would have been quite a few casualties. And it is not only that you couldn't move - it was compounded by not enough ventilation (the fans weren't turned on) and poor bar service - too many people, not enough bar tenders.

The Ashtray Electric (no website), are a new band, and while well dressed, did not really have much to offer. They play music well enough - but the lead singer was hardly audible, and they just didn't have any stage presence. Maybe it's the newbie blues, but the fact is, they weren't impressive enough such that I would want to pay to see them again.

Sara did not rate The Dirty Skirts as musical geniuses - they probably aren't - but regardless, they are great entertainment! A very energetic stage act, coupled with a number of easy crowd sing-alongs, and generally brilliant performance. Maybe they aren't musical geniuses, but very few acts are. They do make a great night out though!

06 June 2007


End to end, 278 Pages, 82 367 words, 3 and a half years. It is a rather long dissertation, but it is done, and submitted. All 5 copies of it! Hopefully, the examiners find it as impressive!