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23 May 2010

Fight Night, My Life on Fire, 40 Day Journey and Groundstar

It has been a while since I was last at Back2Basix (but nothing has really changed). There was a small crowd, mostly friends of the bands it seems. Maybe, I need to find some new venues! A general comment, with regards to the venue - their sound mixing really sucks. Except when there are high profile bands (who probably bring their own sound guy, the mixing is quite bad - with a lot more instrumentals and a lot less vocals. That, or the bands are just covering up their weak vocals :)

Fight Night
A very unremarkable band, with almost non existent stage presence, inaudible lyrics (though that could be due to the mixing) and songs that sounded alike. Nothing to like, and quite disappointing. They do have a Facebook page it seems.

My Life on Fire
Their warmup was already better than Fight Night, but again nothing really amazing. The singer seems to have a lot of potential, but was once again drowned by the mixing. Quite good energy on stage, though nothing really amazing. They band did give away a few T-Shirts, but they really need to learn to throw :) They do seem to have a Facebook page.

40 Day Journey
A 3-piece metal band, they were probably the best musically, with an incredible drummer and a really high energy set. Very entertaining to watch. They do seem to have a Facebook page it seems.

Definitely the most interesting band in the lineup, playing mostly rock (as opposed to metal), featuring a female lead singer and 2 backing male vocalist. This combination has a lot of potential, allowing for a wider range of vocal performance; which was sadly not really utilised too much. The stage performance wasn't that briliant either - but definitely a band with some potential.