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22 April 2009

One Person, One Vote - The Great Equaliser

Leading up to the elections, I think Zapiro got the gist of my voting conundrum - and Madam and Eve surmarised the opposition position beautifully.

I am still registered to vote in Mowbray (Cape Town). During the voter registration weekends for these elections, I was out of town on all these occasions. And I was too lazy to go and find out where the local electoral office was to reregister after the registration weekends.

This did have one great benefit - it meant that I was not necessarily tied down to a particular voting station - and could actually cast my vote anywhere. After seeing the long lines near my home, I drove to Centurion - initially to buy a book I wanted. There was also a voting station nearby, so decided to cast my vote there. After 2 hours (and finished 220 pages of my 300 page book) I got to actually cast my vote. I must say, I was quite impressed with the efficiency - it did not take 2 hours because the officials were slow; it was slow because there were many people. The process was smooth, and despite the long lines - people from all walks of life - the old money, the new money, the maid, the shop cashier, the taxi driver, the old and the young - were all patiently in the queue. One man did try to charm his way to the front, but was sent packing - by everyone.

I remember 1994 and the long lines then. The lines were not longer this time round - but people seemed to be just as keen.

Death Valley Blues Band and LA Cobra

I have been to a few gigs since I came back from my holiday, but last nights gig at Roxy was one of the liveliest I have been to. Much of that can be ascribed to the Death Valley Blues Band, who certainly don't play sad blues - but rather a combination of Ska, Rock, Metal and Blues. A really impressive combination, and some really great songs.

LA Cobra, describe themselves as "glam rockers" styling their music and looks after 80's bands like Guns n Roses (complete with the whiney voice). Unfortunatley, both lyrically and musically, I don't think they really make the cut.

The crap part was the sound mixing - absolutely terrible. There was another band (Havoc Vultures), but the sound mixing had degenerated even further (maybe it had to do something with it being behind the bad) and decided to head home. But, I would really like to see the Death Valley Blues Band again.