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09 July 2017

Movie: The Promise

The Promise is a bit of a complicated movie - of two facets - a semi documentary on the Armenian genocide; and a complicated romantic story involving two different love triangles. 

On a cinematic portrayal of the Armenian genocide; it is a stunning story that manages to easily show how it comes to arise, the complications on reporting on it, and the challenges on trying to save survivors. In this aspect, The Promise, really delivers with great performances from the cast in this regard. 

The love triangle however, makes little sense, distracts from the movie and really cheapens an otherwise great story-telling feat. The weakest parts of the movie, by far, are the complications arising from the love triangle; and there is really no need for this. In fact, the entire storyline could have hinged on the main characters being good friends - one does not need to be lovers in order to try save the persecuted! It is a distraction, that really damages an otherwise less reported story.