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20 October 2006

Rent a Super Car

Now this is a business model that could work; and I would support! We all know that super cars are expensive machines; and thus most people can't really afford to drive one; let alone own one. So, Rio Prestige, based in Edinburgh, is a super car rental agency. For relatively low prices, you can hire a super car and drive it around.

Now they are based in Edinburgh; and I will be in Edinburgh in two weeks time ... an interesting opportunity except for the fact that you have to be 25 to hire ... maybe I can convince Eric to come along ...

18 October 2006

Movie: The Black Dahlia

Almost, everything I read about this movie before watching it was negative; so I did not really have very high expectations of the movie. On the surface, it is a movie about a murder mystery and the lives of the detectives that solve the mystery. As a detective story; it is great - and the pieces of the puzzle do come together. While, it is in no way comparable to a Agatha Christie or any other crime fiction great; the story is good, and plausible.

But it is the style of the movie that was really iffy. Arthur correctly pointed out; that the movie was done in a certain style, and thus was a good movie for that style. However, I think it was too stylized; there was an over emphasis in style - and that was a detriment. That too much style forced the movie to be too long; and introduced a really slow pace at some parts of the movie. In the end it is like too much make up on women (especially old women) - unattractive and artificial.

Sam commented that watching the movie was like going to a wine tasting when you don't drink wine. Maybe; but I think it would be more apt to say it was going to a wine tasting where cheap wine is being served from really expensive looking bottles.