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12 July 2008

Movie: Wanted

There is only one real reason to watch this movie - the action sequences are one of the best ever. Apart from that, the story writing and dialogue was poor, the acting was ordinary and in general, the movie was rather stupid. But the action sequences - wow. That is the only reason to watch this movie - in fact, it could have been better without any dialogue whatsoever.

11 July 2008

Movie: Hancock

Superheroes usually fall into two categories:
a) Nice guys, who get poers by some means, and then go out to save the neighbourhood, if not the world. And the plot often includes a number of different temptations and situations where the superhero is tempted by the dark side. Or,
b) Guys with evil intentions who get superpowers, who battle the nice guys.

Hancock is different - it is a superhero, who is neither a good guy or a guy with evil intentions - just a guy with a bad attitude (or as the kid in the opening scene calls him, an arsehole). And while the story plot is predictable in trying to change Hancock into a nice guy, the plot twist in the middle of the movie is impressive; and in some ways the movie does pose the essential question - shouldn't gifted people be allowed to pursue normalcy? The acting by Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman is nothing special; but the movie is more than anything, about entertainment. And for once, the superheroes do not fight evil bad guys as part of the central theme. That alone, makes this special.