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27 September 2011

"Africa is not a country"

In the Mail & Guardian's blog platform, Percy Zvomuya has a wonderful piece on how Africa is often seen as one homogeneous country instead of being seen as a continent of 50+ countries. He gets a number of points spot on, specifically on how Africa is reported on in much of the Western media.

I would however argue that Africa is actually not alone - although other areas in the world are not necessarily bundled in one go. "America" for example, often encompasses Canada and the USA; while Europe usually refers to Western continental Europe, the Aussies often encompass New Zealand (except in the matter of Rugby or Cricket) and off course South America is more or less treated as a block also.

It is true that Africa is the largest of these blocks, and definitely the most diverse in terms of political and economical climate. But Africa also tries to portray itself as one in certain cases (esp when it comes to dealing with people such as Mugabe or more recently Gaddafi). But at very least, one should get the facts right, which is clearly not the case with regards to the reporting on the Zambian elections (as highlighted in the article).