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03 January 2009

... in paradise

As the plane landed in Cape Town on New Year's eve, the captain asked the flight crew to take their seats, and that we would shortly be landing in paradise. Cape Town in December is certainly paradise - I love it. And going there for New Year's eve, although a very short visit, was certainly a great decision.

And even as we flew over the slums - into Cape Town - and again out of Cape Town (although this time, the flight went round Cape Point too) - I certainly agree - Cape Town in summer is paradise.

31 December 2008

White Tiger

Winner of the 2008 Man Booker Prize, Aravind Adiga writes a tale about a smart man, Balram Halwai, - who rises from poverty to becoming a multi-millionaire, successfull business man in the New India. And it is the journey that is really the focus of the story - filled with corruption, virtual slavery, family and social presssures and even murder - it is a very stark contrast to the traditional tale of success.

What is really tragic, in many respects, about the story - is that it is in many respects an honest potrayal of the class, social and economic divide of India. The tales of corruption - while maybe exaggarated, are not tales that would not ring true at some point.

And in the end, you realise - that the story could be really set in any other third world country. You will get smart boys forced to work, to pay off some family debt instead of going to school. You will find social pressures dictating what the person can do as their living. And, it will be the very select few, who can trully escape their background and trappings of their birth. In fact, in the times of financial turmoils; this tale probably rings true for everyone in the world ... and in the end, we would all support Balram Halwai's actions ...

30 December 2008

Movie: Religilous

Comedian Bill Maher, presents a rebuttal to religion - esp. the Abrahamic religions. Personally, I feel that the God Delusion, did a much better job. Maher does raise valid points - but his presentation, and atagonism towards some of his interview subjects are not going to help spread his message.