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I ramble about a number of things - but travel experiences, movies and music feature prominently. See my label cloud for a better idea. All comnments and opinions on this blog are my own, and do not in any way reflect the opinions/position of my employer (past/current/future).

31 August 2005


So, I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog. Have been meaning to for a while (before I went on my European trip) but lazyness has always won out (as per usual). I was surprised that I could not get alapan as an username; but I suppose even though my name is rare; there are still people who actually have alapan as a name.

So what will I ramble on about?

Not to sure - definitely will have movie and anime reviews for Ronald; comments and thoughts from places I travel to; reviews of gigs I go to (when I actually do); Formula 1, sport etc ... all the usual crap really.

Movie: 7 Samurai

The Independent Armchair Theatre usually screen old movies on Monday night. Its 10 bucks for a ticket or 30 bucks for a ticket and a pizza from Diva's (delivered to you). I was thinking about the legality of the whole operation - after all you are not really allowed to show a movie to the public without a license ... but since this is quite an old operation, they either have a license or no one cares about them.

On monday they showed 7 Samurai, which is one of the great classic movies about a village in feudal Japan that hires some samurai to protect them against bandits. Its a long movie (over 3 hours) but definitely worth watching.