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31 July 2015

Art of the Brick

It took quite a few months to convince M that we should go see The Art of the Brick - an exhibition of artwork by Nathan Sawaya, made of Lego bricks - and we were both glad to have finally gone. There are some amazing sculptures - both replicas of famous works and original works. Almost all the works are made from classic lego pieces (of differing colours off course); which really showcases the versatality of the toy. The show has been extended by a few days - if you haven't gone; go.

26 July 2015

New Bike

I bought my old bike 10 years ago. Back then it was a good bike for the price - it had front shocks (yes that was a novel feature) - but most of the components and features are significantly outdated today (such as v-brakes). Since I restarted cycling seriously 2 and a bit years ago, I have been itching to get a new one. Once MN landed one of the only Sliverback Slade 1s in the country a few weeks back; I decided to get one too.

The Slade 1 has medium range components (Shimano XT, Rock Shox Gold) and an amazingly light frame. I decided to get cleats also, and it has taken me a while to get acclimatised to cycling with the front of your foot. And it is a joy to ride - especially uphill! I took it on my current circuit at Groenkloof and made good time for a first ride - 8 minutes up on the previous ride, and 0.8 km/h faster. Once I get used to bike, I expect even better times and speed.

Lastly, Anton from Summit Cycles has provided great service in the process - from measuring before order, to setting up the bike optimally. Looking for a bike in Northern Jo'burg - go check out Summit Cycles.