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10 February 2010

Movie: Mou Gaan Dou (Internal Affairs)

The Departed, was based on this earlier movie; filmed entirely in Hong Kong. While there are certain differences in the storyline, it is easily recognisable. There is a subtle plot change between the Departed and Internal Affairs towards the end; and I think that, not only does Internal Affairs pull it off better, it makes the overall storyline much better than that of The Departed. The movie is engrossing and features superb acting as well as superb cintematography of Hong Kong (especially the city scapes from the rooftops).

09 February 2010

Four Seasons

Vanessa Mae playing Vivaldi's four seasons was my first real introduction to western classical music; and it is still one of my favourite pieces. Sunday evening featured a chamber concert with Vivaldi's Four Seasons in the first half, and Piazolla's Four Seasons (inspired buy Vivaldi) in the second half. I am not too sure I like the Piazolla version, although the Bandoneon is an interesting instrument (and was put to really great effect in the very first piece of the evening - Piazolla's Buenos Aires Hora Cero).