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10 February 2010

Movie: Mou Gaan Dou (Internal Affairs)

The Departed, was based on this earlier movie; filmed entirely in Hong Kong. While there are certain differences in the storyline, it is easily recognisable. There is a subtle plot change between the Departed and Internal Affairs towards the end; and I think that, not only does Internal Affairs pull it off better, it makes the overall storyline much better than that of The Departed. The movie is engrossing and features superb acting as well as superb cintematography of Hong Kong (especially the city scapes from the rooftops).


オテモヤン said...


DX said...

lol....I was about to leave a comment about Mou Gaan Dou until I saw the comment left previously, interesting...reverse kosai? LOL.

Not sure about which is better, but there are definitely subtle differences between the two, the Chinese version definitely focused more on the lead characters anguish and pain. This is probably the best movie to have come out of a completely Hong Kong based cast and production staff for decades.

But then they go and killed the movie and it's success with two SUPER HORRIBLE sequals...or alternative versions where they added more characters and made the plot lines super complicated.

Interesing enough, which ending version did you watch? The original HK release was that the dude gets away and his maffia connections where never found out... in the Chinese government approved version he was caught.

alapan said...

The cop survives and gets away - the undercover dies; and the second cop mole also dies. I.e. the cop does the "right thing" in agreeing to be caught by the undercover agent, who is killed by the second cop mole who is killed by the cop in the lift, and blamed as the mole. The undercover is then given a hero's burial.