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08 October 2016

Kamasi Washington's The Epic

While I love listening to music, I am not much of a music geek, and cannot identify the various subtleties across musical genres. These days I usually listen to Beats1 in the evenings, but not much more in terms of radio - as I am usually listening to podcasts. And when I do come across interesting bands and performers, quite often through WTF with Marc Maron, I end up exploring the artist on YouTube.

Kamasi Washington's debut album, The Epic, was the exception. There are quite a few performances on YouTube, and the performance scope just drew me it. Eventually, I did the rare thing - just went and bought the digital copy of the album - and I haven't stopped listening to it. The album has an amazing scale - about 3 hours worth of music that explores a fusion of choral, orchestral and off course more recognisable forms of jazz. I can't recommend it enough.