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23 July 2010

Marketing South Africa

The main shopping foyer of the Mannheim Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) has a series of spectacular photos and commentary (in German and English), by the Eastern Cape Tourism board. Photos covered the usual (J-Bay, Tstisikama, PE, Ado) but also some really spectacular rural photos, including some really off the beaten path locations.

I think it is a very smart move - especially as this week is the German Grand Prix, and Mannheim is where to get a train to Hockenheim. And with the World Cup just finished, SA is still in many people's mind (incidently, it is easy to spot a tourist boarding a flight in Jo'burg - they are the ones carrying vuvzelas).

I did not spend too much time in Mannheim - in and out for my meeting. It did look like a nice town, but nothing spectacular.