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28 June 2008

Movie: Kung Fu Panda

Big budget animation movies are often written off as movies for kids. What I really appreciate about them is their ability to tell simple stories, well. They prove that it is possible to tell a story without resorting to blood, guns and sex. They are, above all else, fun.

Kung Fu Panda, is a story of a fat, lazy panda selected to be the special one, to fight the evil, brilliant ex-student. It is in essense a story about self belief - not about transforming a fat, lazy panda to a slim, active one - but rather teaching him the skills and the providing the self belief such that he can use his own (albeit limited) powers for his own advantage. The CGI is superbg, as is the voice acting and script - and is definitely a well told, funny story.

27 June 2008

Perez CD Launch

The last time I saw Perez live was almost 5 years ago, on one of their last gigs, on their farewell tour, in Cape Town. They were a band that burst on the scene, almost out of nowhere, and very quickly became one of the best bands in South Africa; and all too suddenly, they split. Since the beginning of this year, they have reformed (still original line-up) and are touring once again - and last night; they launched their new album.

Their music has certainly changed - previously, they were very much a rock band; not a heavy rock and roll band. They have a slightly different sound now - more old school rock and roll, and a lot more interesting. Their music has certainly evolved - for the better. And they have kept two of the traits that really impressed me the first time around - great song writing and being good musicians.

Their ad on Powerzone stated:

It is their "Sgt Peppers", devoid of any pigeonholing and genre, an album not trying to be anything other than a truly great work of art.

Whether it becomes as great as "Sgt Peppers" (in terms of critical acclaim and sales) we will have to wait and see - but it is certainly an incredible album; with a great mix of songs. Their performance was brilliant, and they even squeezed in a few of their old greats. For R100 entry fee, you got the copy of the CD and a 90 minute set. Definitely great value for money too!