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17 August 2014

Carlo Mombelli's Stories Quartet

I am not completely sure of how I came across The Orbit - a newish live music and restaurant venue; focusing mainly on Jazz. It has been a while since I last went to a live jazz performance, and Carlo Mombelli's Stories Quartet looked quite promising - both with the inclusion of prominent performers and the streaming music on the website.

The first experience at arrival was not great - they had managed to lose the dinner reservations - but they recovered quickly; finding us a good table. The menu was not extensive - but the food was good, with attentive but not overbearing service. 

The music was the highlight - a mixture of amazing energy, with many moments of individual brilliance - as well as slow and mournful. Mbusa Khosa, who sung almost entirely in Zulu, has an absolutely amazing voice - and was in itself an instrumental performance in its own right. It was captivating, and magical - fully deserving of a standing ovation at the end of the night.