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26 December 2015

Jacob's Ladder

While not the stairway to heaven, Jacob's Ladder is one of the many staircases linking Main Road and Boyes Drive. Located near the St James station, the staircase is deceptively steep - as much of it is hidden in the foliage from the gardens. The views of false bay are well worth the climb; and certainly less populated than Main Road. 

25 December 2015

The SA National Gallery

It has been years since I last went to the SA National Gallery; and although M and I always seem to intend going, we never end up going for various reasons. At least , this year we got over that hurdle.

The gallery has a set of permanent exhibits together with a number of featured exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions seem to be organized in a few themes, and the sculptures - in my opinion - are the highlights. Of the featured, but temporary exhibitions, the landscape work of Moses Tladi, is amazing - especially those of a much rural Gauteng which has been transformed to an urban jungle. Except for the Tladi exhibition, there was very little with regards to explanation of the pieces or wider discussion on the pieces. Apart from that, the gallery is an excellent stop in Cape Town's tourist circuit.

Besides the Butcher Boys, three more recent sculptures stood out for me. Congolese artist, Maurice Mbiyaki's "E-Mukishi" transforms computer keyboards and mice into a threatening dark menace. In the current context of cyber threats, the sculpture is the physical manifestation of a very real threat to modern society. There is no official interpretation, but it is the work that spoke to me the most.

Mary Sibande's "The Reign" takes a very different take on the horse rider sculpture that is fairly common across western culture. It is colourful, and a refreshing take. The work is part of a wider series but this is an apt installation to showcase the power of her work.

The last one, is Paul Thavhana's "Nowa Ya Tsireldzo - Snake as Protector"; a humongous wooden sculpture of a smiling cobra.  I couldn't find anything on the Internet about the piece or the artist, so I am not sure if it is a single piece of wood (as it seems to be) - but it is amazing piece regardless.

24 December 2015

Dinosaurs at Kirstenbosch

Although I have been to Kirstenbosch a number of times, it has always been for anything but the gardens themselves - a few concerts, a party or at the tail end of a hike. M wanted to visit the fragrance garden, and thus for the first time I actually visited the garden for its own sake.

Being the height of summer, there weren't a lot of flowers - but the garden is still very scenic, and peaceful. Aside from an owl (which blended in to the trees remarkably well), the highlight for me was the dinosaurs in the cycad garden. 

There was the majestic, in the form of a T-Rex and a few other large ones; but it is the small ones hidden in corners that made me smile - and it's a fun addition to the gardens.