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14 November 2008

Karen Zoid

I have always wanted to go to the Blues Room, but something always seemed to come up. I spotted Karen Zoid was to play last night, and just decided to go (a decision helped by the fact that I did not have to be at work at 8am :p). Blues Room itself is an interesting venue - quite intimate, but very much suited to Jazz and Blues (it's main forte admittedly) being more of a restaurant than a live music venue.

The show itself was quite varied - featuring some solo accoustic guitar (not sure of his name), some covers by Karen Zoid and the guitarist, followed by some collaboration with Josie Feild, before the main show really.

And Karen Zoid, featuring a new drummer, really delivered an amazing show. It was a high energy show, with some amazing variety - especially with the combination of covers and original music in a very seamless, slick piece. I did not really hear any "new" tracks from her new album - but it was still an amazing show. I am glad I went.

11 November 2008

Movie: Death Race

Many computer racing games has this theme: cars/vehicles racing round the track with the objective to finish, not necessarily first, but survive. The tracks have weapon and defence powerups, which can be used to blow up opponents or survive opponent's power-ups.

Death Race is a live action version of this - with a thinly guised story to give a "plot". Actually, the plot is shit, the dialogue is worse, and acting just as shit. Really, horrible.

But the action - wow. Guns, things blowing up, the blood, the gore. In fact, if it was accompanied by cheesy music and no dialgoue, it could have been a replay ...

Movie: The Band's Visit

An Egyptian police band arrives at a small airport in Israel, and gets lost in a town in the middle of nowhere. They don't get stranded for long - just overnight until the Egyptian consulate rescues them - and the movie really only focuses on that overnight. It is a clash of cultures - a clash of religions. But it is a story of kindness, a story of rediscovering life, a story of living life. In their own way, the band repays their kind (and sometimes forced) benefactors; and you get a sense that everyone learnt something, experienced something.

It is a quirky movie, funny in places, and very different.

10 November 2008

Backdated posts for Germany

I did not have enough time for blogging on the last two weeks of October - when I was in Germany. So, I have added some backdated posts covering my last day in Poznan (Poland), Darmstadt, Heidelburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hotel Petersburg ...