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05 September 2011

Freddie Mercury

Today marks the 65th birthday anniversary of the legendary Queen frontman. Queen was in its prime before I was born, and in its second coming, I was a child - so there are not Queen memories per say.

I have however listened to many of the great hits, seen countless YouTube videos and concerts and even seen, what is left of Queen perform at the first 46664 concert in Cape Town. It is great to see some of the many tributes around the web, be it the official Google Doodle (which features some great animation, hopefully soon to be archived here), Google Blog post by Brian May, and Time's compilation of Freddie's 5 greatest videos. Most interesting in that lot, is Bohemian Rhapsody, performed with Freddie, in a ballet.

Most interestingly, for two days only, Queen's 1986 Concert Video - Live in Wembley will be streamed on Queen's official YouTube channel.

Queen is now very much part of popular culture, and it is certainly one of the bands (in its original lineup) that I would have really liked to have seen live.