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17 August 2009

Tswaing Meteorite Crater

Not too far from Pretoria, I heard about the Tswaing Crater (SAInfo, Wikipedia) via a book on hiking trails in South Africa. In an effort to get more physically active (Gauteng is just not condusive to doing things outside in my opinion), I am trying to see how many different day hiking places I can get through - especially in Gauteng.

The crater site is facinating - massively large, quite untouched, and quite empty. The site can definitely do with a lot more marketing (more signs from the N1 would help), but the quietness within 100KM of Jo'burg-Tshwane megapolis is refreshing. And even with the dull winter colours, it is a facinating landscape.

The hike itself is fairly easy - not too much up and down; although the route down to the crater is fairly steep. It is 7.2 km in length, and nothing too taxing. I hope I can continue and find other places as interesting.