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24 October 2009

Music: Big City Bash

I think it was the first time bands have played at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein. The Rockford Big City Bash was quite well organised, with lots of parking guards, visible security, clean venue, good bar service and a good set up of stage and sound. 5FM DJ Koula was the MC, except she didn't do much other than look pretty. I think she was on the stage less times than the number of bands! Although, I did miss the first band, so she may have done a song and dance before the first band - but I doubt it.

New Academics
I have heard a lot of the band, but apart from a few snippets, I had not really heard any of their songs. They do have an unique edge - the combination of rap like lyrics backed with rock music. However, I don't think their songs are particularly impressive, and neither was the backing music. It is certainly different - but in my opinion, it does not work.

Death Valley Blues Band
It's almost as if I am becoming a groupie, this being the third time I have seen the band live. The fact is, they are a great party band, playing really good music, and playing it very well. A large percentage of the crowd indicated that they have never seen the band before, and the fact that everyone was dancing to the music is good testament to the quality of their show.

Zebra and Giraffe
They exploded on to the scene last year, from seemingly no where. I has not seen them live before, and this was the main motivation to going to the gig. It is even more impressive that they won the MTV Base Best Alternative Rock Band award this year, seemingly after just 18 months or so in existence. I am not sure how to describe their music - it's partly pop-rock (like Coldplay) but with a harder edge than most pop-rock bands. They have a good collection of songs that work well in a live gig, and present a really professional show. In these regards, it is not hard to see why they have been so successful.

I first saw Fokofpolisiekar, early in 2005, when they were known more for their name than the music. In that performance, the band was mostly completely trashed, with lead singer Francois Badenhorst more or less slurring his way through the sets. Given the line-up that day (they were followed by Karen Zoid and the Springbok Nude Girls), it was a great disappointment. The band has definitely matured, and there performance was truly impressive and well worth the extra 20 minutes wait (they arrived late from another gig). Even though they sing completely in Afrikaans (which I know very little of), it was a very enjoyable performance. While earlier it seemed that the band was successful more because of their name and being an Afrikaans punk band, they certainly deserve their success now. They certainly deserved being the headline act.